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How can I find newspapers at the Library (electronic or paper format)?

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Electronic Access to Newspapers:

There are many ways to search for newspaper articles in electronic format. We will describe a few of our favorites below, along with links to specific databases and resources.

One-Search Library Catalog

For an easy start to any search, use the One-Search Library Catalog. This is the search box in the middle of the Library home page. Just enter your topic in the box and click Search. The results will include materials in many formats (books, journal articles, video, and so on). You can limit your results to just newspaper articles by selecting “Newspaper Articles” under Resource Type in the left sidebar. Click on articles that you want and follow the links under View Online to download articles in full text.  If you run into trouble just Ask Us

Newspaper Databases

Below are a selected list of our best databases for news and newspaper access:

Newstream (ProQuest)

Newstream is the core resource for news and newspapers at WKU Libraries. It provides access to thousands of sources, both domestic and international, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Times of London, and the Financial Times, as well as access to wire services and broadcast transcripts, and historical issues of the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune.

EBSCO Newspaper Source,

Newspaper Source offers access to a number of major newspapers, including regional and local.

LexisNexis News

LexisNexis offers access to many news sources throughout the world. The site can be challenging to use, simply because it works differently than many other databases, but it can yield many valuable results from a variety of sources.

America’s Historical Newspapers

This is a small but valuable collection of historical newspapers, including the Lexington Kentucky Gazette (1794-1837), the Louisville Daily Courier (1853-1868), and the New York Herald (1835-1898). Many of the articles download as scanned copies of the original newspapers.

Times (London) Digital Archive from 1785

Access to the Times of London historical archive, from 1785 to 1985.


Other Databases that include access to newspapers

The databases listed above focus specifically on access to news and newspapers. Many of our general research databases include access to at least some newspapers as well. Check the library Research Guides for your subject area to find links to databases related to your topic. All of our research databases can be accessed through the Library’s A-Z Database list (you will find a link to this list on the left sidebar of the WKU Libraries home page). This list includes almost 300 databases, so you need to know which specific databases you want to use. If you need further assistance finding, choosing, accessing, or using these databases just Ask Us.

How do I find out if the library has electronic access to a specific newspaper?

Click on the A-Z e-journals link in the left sidebar of the WKU Libraries home page. Enter the name of the journal, then Search. If the journal you are looking for comes up, click on the title and follow the links to full-text online access. If the newspaper you’re looking for does not come up in the results, it probably means that the Library does have access to it. If you need help or have further questions, just Ask Us!


Finding Newspapers in Paper Format

Most newspapers are available in electronic format only (see below), but WKU Libraries continues to receive a few newspapers in paper format as well.

You can find out if WKU libraries has print or microform copies of a newspaper (either current or historical), by search the One-Search Library Catalog on the WKU Libraries home page. Enter the name of the newspaper in the search box in the center of the library home page, and click the Search button. If you find the name of the newspaper in your results click on it to get more information. Look for the Location tab to find out the date ranges available and the location of the print copies. If you need assistance, call the periodicals desk at (270) 745-6116.

Many of the newspapers we get in print come through the mail, although a few (such as the Bowling Green Daily News) are delivered. Mail delivery often means we are a day or two behind on print newspapers. Even the ones that come the same day are not usually delivered until mid-afternoon.