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How can I find a book at WKU Libraries?

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In general, you will search for books at WKU Libraries using the One-Search Library Catalog. Go to the WKU Libraries home page, and look for the One-Search box in the middle of the page (shown below).



Enter your search terms in the search box and click the Search button. The results will include a number of items related to your search, such as books, articles, videos, music, and any other items the library holds. For example, below are some of the results I received when I searched for The Great Gatsby. Many of the items listed are about the book, but I want to find the original novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


One-search catalog book search results













If I want the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, I can, as shown below, go to the advanced search

link to the advanced search page for the catalog


Then I add the author’s name to my search: 

Adding the author's name to the advanced catalog search

Even after doing this some of my results are still not the original books, so I go to the left sidebar of the page, look for the Resource Type section, and limit my results to “books”. As shown below, sometimes you will have to click “other options” in this box to find books.

Image of the Resource Type box


In the resulting list of 6 books (below), The Great Gatsby is the first listed. Also, note the “Map It” button next to the title:


image of the Great Gatsby entry in the catalog


The map shown below tells us that the book can be found on the 8th floor of Cravens Library, and it even shows us the general location on the shelves. When you find the book you want, you can check it out on at the Circulation Desk. In the Cravens Library on the Bowling Green campus, the Circulation Desk is located on the fourth floor near the commons area.


map of the location of book in the library


What about electronic books?

To find electronic books (or e-books) do your search as described above, then limit your search to books using the Resource Type box in the left sidebar. Then, at the top of the results page, click on “Full Text Online” (see below)


image showing e-book limiter button on catalog page


Need more help? Just ask!

As you can see, getting the best results from the One-Search Library Catalog requires some knowledge, practice, and experience. We have only covered the basics in this brief guide. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask us at (270) 745-6125.